GTA Online May Have Revealed a GTA 6 Character

GTA Online may have just teased a character that will appear in Grand Theft Auto VI. Despite the fact that GTA Online has been incredibly well supported since its release in 2013, fans are ready for something new from Rockstar Games. The wait for GTA 6 has been pretty painful, especially given how little we know about the game. Rockstar Games has confirmed several times it's working on the next Grand Theft Auto, but it has yet to give us any official details. Of course, some leaks that were confirmed to be real did offer some information such as the game is set in Vice City, will have at least two playable characters, and borrow from a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay, but that's likely only a small fraction of what we can expect from the game.

However, Rockstar Games may be starting to tease GTA 6 within GTA Online. As part of the latest update to the game, titled The Last Dose, players go head to head with Dr. Friedlander, Michael's therapist from the main story, as part of an ongoing drug war. Eagle eyed fan @that1detectiv3 on Twitter caught the fact that it is revealed Friedlander had plans to flee to South America before being defeated. What's interesting about this is that leaks from many, many years ago stated that GTA 6 was labeled as "Project Americas" as a codename at Rockstar. This was later proven true when the leak in 2022 happened and at least at one point, Rockstar was planning to allow players to go between Vice City and South America in GTA 6. This was reportedly scaled back, but it's possible some version of this still exists within the new game.

With all of that said, it doesn't seem like a stretch to imagine Dr. Friedlander could appear in the next Grand Theft Auto game. This may be Rockstar's way of teasing things to those fans who have obsessed over every single leaked detail. However, we likely won't know for years, Friedlander may just be a side character in the game that won't even be found until people actually play the game.

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