GTA 6 Leaked Screenshot Reveals Huge Map

A leaked GTA 6 screenshot is making the rounds as it seems to reveal just how huge the game's Vice City map is going to be. Rockstar Games hasn't announced the setting of the next Grand Theft Auto game yet, however, we know it's set in Vice City, aka Miami, and the greater Florida area thanks to not just reports from reputable sources, but the massive leak from last year when a very early build of the game leaked online. When the game leaked online, a metric ton of media of the game leaked online as a consquence, including lengthy looks at very raw gameplay. Recently, this footage and screenshots from it have been resurfacing and making the rounds for a variety of different reasons. The latest bit of leaked media to resurface is a screenshot showing one of the two protagonists and what appears to be downtown Vice City on the horizon. And the image has resurfaced because, as noted, it demonstrates just how big the game's map seems to be. 

The leak resurfcaed via the GTA 6 Reddit page and shows one of the game's two protagonists walking the streets of what appears to be a part of Vice City as it's a very urban environment. Yet, downtown Vice City can be seen on the horizon, quite far away. As the Reddit user points, if you were this far from downtown Los Santos in GTA 5, you'd be easily outside the metropolitan area. Thus, the conclusion is that Vice City is huge. 

If you were this far from the tall buildings in GTA5, you would be outside of the metropolitan area easily. While it looks like you’re still in the city here. The city seems huge.
by u/HiiGuardian in GTA6

As you may know, Los Angeles is substantially bigger than Miami in real life, so this isn't a matter of scale. This is clearly a matter of resources and ambition. Los Santos should be bigger than Vice City, but Rockstar Games hasn't made Los Santos since 2013. In the ten years since, technology has advanced considerablly, so it's not surprising to see that Vice City is seemingly much bigger.

All of that said, this is a leak. In other words, it should be taken with a grain of salt. While it's difficult to doubt the validity of the leak, it's not represenative of a final product, but very much a product that is a work-in-progress. In video game development, games always start out bigger and more ambitious. Usually, this size and ambition is scaled back over time for a plethora of reasons, including meeting deadlines.