H1Z1 Developer Messed Up Big Time When He Left Cheats On Mid-Stream


Using cheats is nothing new within PC gaming, but if you're the creator of a game and streaming with fans - it's probably best to leave those programs out of your gameplay. One H1Z1 developer missed that memo as he went fully into a game he helped create with those magical little boosters so many are fond of.

Technical Director Joshua Kriegshauser is no stranger to playing his own game on his Twitch channel. Makes sense, the battle royale title is a fun one and why not be proud of what you've helped create? Apparently he "forgot" he left cheats on during a match with some of his buds and naturally the internet couldn't let it go. You can see the little snippet of the glorious catch in the clip below:

Immediately his followers called it out and a plethora of "Oh myyyy goooood"s can be heard. As you can see in the clip above, Kriegshauser straight up executes unsuspecting players with his shogun. He then immediately halts when he begins hearing other players voices wondering why he's cheating, with a few being polite and pitching in possible glitching. After several "a dev is f***king cheating" comments, he asks if no one else can see him. The invisibility cheat code is then revealed when he opened up his command console.


You've got to admit, it's pretty hilarious. With the outrage surrounding cheating in games, from both developers and players, to see a developer in action doing the same thing is priceless. We can't make this stuff up. It's OK though, justice was served. One of the remaining players got out from hiding and shot Kriegshauser down. The show must go on however, and he went back into a match not long after - this time, sans cheats.