Hades Announced for Xbox and PlayStation

After releasing last year across both Nintendo Switch and PC, developer Supergiant Games has [...]

After releasing last year across both Nintendo Switch and PC, developer Supergiant Games has announced that its critically-acclaimed roguelike Hades is finally on its way to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. While it may have taken a bit longer than expected for players on these platforms to finally get their hands on the title, it's going to now arrive within the coming months.

Supergiant announced via a new trailer that Hades will specifically be releasing in this new iteration later this summer on August 13. The title will also be available across all current Xbox and PlayStation consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game itself isn't said to be any different compared to the previously released versions, but Hades will also be coming about in a new physical iteration as well. These physical copies are going to be published by Private Division and will also include a download code for the game's soundtrack. The only downside about the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Hades is that cross-saves won't be implemented with PC, unlike the Switch edition.

Perhaps the best news about Hades for those on Xbox is that the game will be releasing directly onto Xbox Game Pass the same day it comes to the platform. So if you're someone who is already subscribed to Xbox's subscription service, you won't even have to buy the game separately to play it. Hades is merely one of over 25 games that are planned to arrive on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of launch over the next year.

So are you someone that is thrilled to finally see Hades releasing for Xbox and PlayStation? And even if you have played it already, are you going to look to play again on these new consoles? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.