Halo Infinite August Update Adding New Halo: Reach Inspired Map

The new Dredge map arrives in Halo: Infinite this week.

343 Industries will be releasing an update for Halo Infinite on August 9th, and it will see the arrival of a new map called Dredge. Dredge was inspired by Halo: Reach's Countdown map, and players that want to spend all day learning the map's ins and outs can do just that thanks to the Dredge 24/7 playlist! While that alone would be exciting enough, players can look forward to several other improvements, including many that were based on requests from the community. These will include:

  • Improved Pelican drops
  • Fireteam priority in Big Team Battle
  • Extermination Medal in all multiplayer modes
  • Respawn camera control
  • Reactive water plane
  • Stability improvements on all platforms
  • Forge quality of life improvements and bug fixes

As of this writing, full patch notes are not available, but will release alongside the new update. While we're still a few days away from release, reception has been incredibly positive on social media! The announcement has been met with a lot of praise from fans, who expressed surprise and happiness with such a significant update in the middle of a season. It remains to be seen whether players will feel this positively about Dredge and the rest of the game's additions once they've gone live, but clearly fans are a lot happier with the current direction of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite launched in late 2021, and while it debuted to strong critical praise, the game's lack of significant updates throughout 2022 left a vast majority of fans frustrated. This year, 343 Industries has managed to turn things around quite a bit, and there's a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of Season 5. Over the years, there have been a number of games that have managed to turn perception around, and it's looking like Halo Infinite just might be the next example. That's good news for longtime fans of the series, as well as those looking for an excuse to try out the game!

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