Xbox Game Pass Brings Back One of Its Best Xbox 360 Games

Limbo, the Xbox 360 classic, is back on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has become an excellent way for subscribers to play games that might have flown under the radar over the years. While the service features plenty of brand-new games (some of which will actually release the same day they do on the Microsoft Store), Game Pass also includes a lot of games spanning past platforms, including Xbox 360. As of August 9th, subscribers can now officially play Limbo, an Xbox 360 game that was previously available on the service, but left back in June 2022. Thankfully, the game was recently revealed alongside several other new additions for August, and this might be the best possible opportunity for those that have never played it.

Released back in 2010, Limbo was developed by Playdead and published by Microsoft. A 2D sidescroller, Limbo puts players in the role of a boy searching for his lost sister. The game has a minimalist approach to both its story and presentation; there isn't a whole lot to Limbo's narrative, and the game's visuals have a striking black and white look. The whole experience is on the shorter side, but Limbo launched to critical acclaim, winning numerous awards.

While reception to the game was almost universally positive, the most frequent criticism about Limbo related to its price versus overall length. The game's presence on Xbox Game Pass somewhat negates that critique, as users can simply enjoy the experience without concern about getting the most for their dollar. Price and length are frequently debated in gaming circles, and whether or not they should even be taken into consideration when it comes to review scores. With Xbox Game Pass, it's a lot easier to enjoy games that don't overstay their welcome!

With Limbo's return to Xbox Game Pass now here, it will be interesting to see if new audiences embrace the game, as so many others have in the past. Those that enjoy Limbo will be happy to know that Playdead released a follow-up game in 2016 titled Inside, which was also very well-received, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass!

Are you planning to check out Limbo now that it's back on Xbox Game Pass? Did you play the game when it released on Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!