Xbox Reveals Leaked Stormcloud Vapor Controller

The leaked controller has been officially unveiled for Xbox Series X|S.

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Last week, a new controller for Xbox Series X|S leaked online, called Stormcloud Vapor. The controller features a sleek blue and black color swirl, and every version is unique. Xbox users in the market for a new controller will be happy to know that Microsoft has officially pulled back the curtain on the design, and it will be made available on August 8th. The controller will cost $69.99, and users can expect to see all the same bells and whistles that have become a staple since the Xbox Series X|S debuted in 2020.

A trailer for the Stormcloud Vapor controller can be found in the Tweet embedded below. Pre-orders for the controller are now live, and readers can find it at the Microsoft Store right here

Microsoft has made it a recent trend with Xbox controllers to have some of them unlock exclusive Dynamic Themes. The Stormcloud Vapor is no exception, and when users sync the controller to their console, they'll receive a unique theme that will not be available for purchase. A similar situation happened with the Starfield controller, which also unlocked an exclusive theme. These types of extras aren't a huge deal, but they might be enough to sway some Xbox owners towards one controller option over another. It's certainly a nice perk!

There's a good chance Xbox will be attracting some new owners over the next few weeks, as the system's biggest exclusive is set to arrive on September 6th. That's the day that Starfield is released, and the Bethesda game looks quite promising. Microsoft clearly hopes the game will be a system seller, and a new model for the Xbox Series S is set to arrive just a few days earlier. The console will be a bit more expensive than the current option, but the trade-off is that players will get more storage space as a result. Those new console owners might want a new controller to go along with it, and Xbox now has yet another option!

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