Halo Infinite Has Seemingly Received Development Assistance From Gears of War Studio

It looks as though Halo Infinite might be in development at more studios other than just 343 [...]

It looks as though Halo Infinite might be in development at more studios other than just 343 Industries. Based on accounts from a handful of employees that have worked at The Coalition, the studio that works on the Gears of War series, it looks as though some of the team has been assisting with work on the latest installment in the Halo series as well.

Noticed by Twitter user @bogorad222, one developer by the name of Adam Bodden, who previously worked at The Coalition until late 2020, has listed Halo Infinite as a credit on their LinkedIn profile. Bodden didn't mention specifics of the work that they may have done on the game, but their work history suggests that it could have been in relation to environment design.

While it may be easy to write this off as being an accident of some sort, another developer profile has also emerged which asserts the same thing. Huge Gutierrez Mares, who previously worked as a VFX Artist at The Coalition, also has Halo Infinite mentioned on their own resume. Mares says that they primarily helped "on cinematics and campaign" for the latest Halo installment, but didn't say much else.

This is pretty fascinating to see transpire, but it's also not much of a shock. Halo Infinite is far and away the biggest project that any Xbox Game Studios developer is working on at the moment, so to see Microsoft enlisting help from developers on other teams tends to make a lot of sense. Essentially, Xbox needs this game to be a hit when it launches later this year, so to bring in help from other avenues isn't all that surprising.

It's also worth pointing out that both Bodden and Mares primarily worked with art assets in their time at The Coalition. Considering how much blowback there was to the visuals of Halo Infinite when the game was fully unveiled last year, it stands to reason that the powers that be over at Xbox are really trying to ensure that the final game looks drastically better. Given how gorgeous Gears 5 was, in particular, tapping some artists from The Coalition to help with Halo Infinite is a smart move.

At the moment, all we know about Halo Infinite's release is that it's set to arrive in fall 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. If you'd like to keep up with our coverage of the game moving forward, you can follow along right here.

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