Halo Infinite's Craig the Brute Is Xbox's New Mascot

Craig the Brute who was born out of the Halo Infinite has now been embraced by Xbox boss Phil Spencer as the "new official Xbox mascot." The Craig meme originated from the Xbox Series X showcase where the Brute popped up on the screen for a brief time with a blank, expressionless face. The community naturally ran with the meme to see what they could do with it, and when Spencer was asked about Craig, he applauded the Xbox and Halo community's ability to do so.

A Twitter user tagged Spencer earlier in the week to see what his thoughts on Craig were. Spencer replied to voice his approval and joked about Craig becoming the new Xbox mascot.

It's not the first time we've seen those involved with Halo Infinite and Xbox recognize Craig either. Brian "ske7ch" Jerrard, community manager at 343 Industries, commented on Craig recently to make sure everyone was on board with the name. He joked about learning more about Craig and what the Brute's up to when he's not getting beat up.

While people had some legitimate concerns or questions about parts of the Halo Infinite showcase, specifically where the graphics were concerned, the Craig meme was a relatively harmless and light-hearted part of the discussion. It makes sense then that Craig would be embraced since he'll probably be around for a while in future Halo Infinite discussions ahead of the game's release.

343 Industries hasn't ignored the more critical takes on Halo Infinite either. The developer has responded to the conversations more than once since the showcase and said "we've heard the feedback" in a recent Halo Waypoint post. The build we saw during the event was a few weeks old and consisted of things that are still being worked on, 343 Industries said. The post added that feedback from the community has "brought new opportunities and considerations to light that the team is taking very seriously and working to assess" but said 343 Industries doesn't have any specifics yet about what's being changed.


Halo Infinite is scheduled to launch later this year during Holiday 2020.