Halo Infinite First Monthly Update Revealed

We were promised new updates would be coming for Halo Infinite recently and that’s exactly what [...]

We were promised new updates would be coming for Halo Infinite recently and that's exactly what has transpired today. 343 Industries has offered up more information on the upcoming first-person shooter in a new blog post which has broken down what fans can expect in the lead up to release later this fall.

In a new "Inside Infinite" post on 343's website, new details of Halo Infinite were gone over by a number of developers at the studio. Specifically, this new update for the game focused on the Sandbox team at 343. The Sandbox is what makes up all of the weapons, vehicles, and other objects that players will interact with over the course of Halo Infinite.

With that in mind, the write-up primarily focuses on 343's goals that it had in mind when it comes to creating combat situations in Halo Infinite. The team specifically pointed back to previous Halo games and the way in which gameplay works in them, most notably in regards to multiplayer. From here, it was then mentioned how the developer is looking to expand on these ideas in Infinite.

The update then goes on to mention some of the new equipment items that players will specifically be able to get their hands on within Infinite. The grappling hook and Drop Wall are two of the items that we have seen of this type previously and it sounds like there will be a whole lot more that are still under wraps. Halo 3 was specifically mentioned as being a sort of inspiration for the inclusion of equipment this time around.

As a last major mentionable, other details regarding new weapons and vehicles were also touched on. The developers talked about some of the new weapons that Infinite will include, such as the Bulldog shotgun, and also guaranteed the return of other fan favorites. On the whole, Halo Infinite sounds like it will contain a good mix of new and old weapons for players to utilze.

Perhaps the best thing that was announced in this new update though is that this won't be a one-off instance in which 343 gives fans a look at Halo Infinite. Inside Infinite is planned to be a new, ongoing series that will arrive on the final Thursday of every month. 343's Community Director Brian Jarrard says that the team currently has an outline planned through March when it comes to these blogs, with more details on April and beyond to be given later.

Halo Infinite is slated to launch at an undetermined time later this fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. If you'd like to read more about the game, you can visit our coverage hub right here.

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