New Halo Infinite Tease Has OG Fans Excited

Halo Infinite is the sixth mainline installment in the series. And it's the third Halo game from 343 Industries, who took over after Halo 3 from Bungie. Suffice to say, the series has a lot of heritage and nostalgia. Over the years, there have been many fan favorite multiplayer maps, all of which players are yearning to see added to Halo Infinite, which has been reluctant to dip its toe in the nostalgia well. It sounds like this could change in the future though. 

Amid hunger for older maps to be added to the game, 343 Industries boss Joseph Staten was asked why old maps haven't been added to the game, if not solely to provide new content to the game between larger content drops. Responding to this, Staten teased that exactly this may happen in the fine. 

"There are a lot of maps that are awesome. I think it would be awesome to play on those maps again, don't you guys? That sounds like a fun thing... I'll mark that in my notebook," said Staten,

What maps exactly, is the million dollar question. That said, 343 Industries has a million to choose from. Just about any map from Halo 2 and Halo 3 -- during the height of Halo multiplayer -- would get OG fans excited. That said, for all we know 343 Industries will add Halo 4 and Halo 5 maps first, as those are maps from their era. This would be the less popular decision though.

Halo Infinite is available via PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the first-person sci-fi shooter -- including not just the latest news and teases, but the latest rumors, leaks, and speculation -- click here or, alternatively, check out the relevant and recent links right below:

H/T, Kinda Funny Games.