Halo Infinite Season 2 Devs Admit to a "Bumpy" Launch

Halo Infinite's Season 2 is here after a long wait for the new season of content, but its launch hasn't exactly been a smooth one. The developers themselves have acknowledged that the season has been a "bumpy" one so far with players citing general gameplay issues or voicing complaints regarding mechanics that have been removed from the game. In response to this feedback, 343 Industries said it's taking these sorts of comments into consideration and is reviewing different options for future updates.

Joseph Staten, head of creative on Halo Infinite, retweeted a tweet from senior community manager John Junyszek while adding that "this week has been bumpy." The Halo Infinite lead acknowledged to specific concerns the community's been talking about – the removal of some map jumps and speedrunning aids – and said options are being looked into.

Halo Infinite player Austin Mikwen (via PC Gamer) shared a clip this week on Twitter that showed one such map jump which is no longer in the game following the Season 2 update. These sorts of "features" had been present in the game up until Season 2 which meant that even if they were unintentional, players had gotten used to them enough that they wished for them to be back in the game after their removal.

Another mechanic absent in Season 2 is the ability to hijack Pelicans in the game's campaign mode. Doing so allowed players to pilot one and assisted with speedrunning efforts. Given that this element was in the single-player portion of the game and didn't really affect anyone else, some players – and particularly the speedrunners – have lamented the fact that it was removed with no explanation provided for its absence.

"We've seen the feedback around changes that impacted various multiplayer jumps and campaign speedrun strategies," Junyszek said in the thread quoted above. "We're not at the point where we can promise anything yet, but want to be transparent and say that we're taking the feedback seriously and reviewing options internally."


Junyszek addressed another issue after that thread where players noticed that semi-automatic weapons were "jamming." That's not actually what's happening, but it's still a bug that's causing weapons to stop firing unexpectedly, and it's being looked into, the senior community manager said.