Halo Weapons Make Their Way Into Destiny, Thanks to One Fan Creation

and his stylization of the Focus Rifle from Halo: Reach into the world of Destiny 2. We've gotta [...]

(Photo: Reddit)

Halo and Destiny coming together isn't the wildest thing we've heard of given that both franchises fall underneath the Bungie umbrella. That being said, one Redditor took his Halo love and decided to do a little something extra with it by blending the two worlds into one to see how one of the iconic weapons would look like within the latest MMO from the company.

Enter Reddit user LordTutTut (what a name!) and his stylization of the Focus Rifle from Halo: Reach into the world of Destiny 2. We've gotta say, the two styles blend perfectly, which again - makes sense for both futuristic titles.

"I was debating between using the Beam Rifle or Focus Rifle, but ended up choosing the Focus Rifle because it's design felt more 'Covenant' to me," he told Kotaku. "As for the quote, I wanted something that covered Sangheili honor. I also wanted to use a quote from Halo, because I thought that it would work best for flavor text. I ended up choosing Regret's quote, as it seemed to fit well with the other exotic descriptions. It doesn't hurt that the Prophet of Regret is a bad-ass name."

If you noticed the quote in the image as well, that falls in perfectly with some of the cryptic descriptions that Bungie lays down for their exotic weapons, and LordTutTut (giggles) definitely stayed true to that style. If you're wondering who the High Prophet of Regret is, that character hails from Halo 2 as one of the Covenant's leaders. He's a weird looking character, shriveled upon his mechanized chair and is known for his rash behavior and alcoholic tendencies.

High Prophets aside, the blend is really cool and we'd love to see more of these crossovers in the future! Maybe we could see how the Needler would fare in the world of Destiny 2, we've got our fingers crossed! Until then, we sit and admire the Focus Rifle in all of its high-tech glory and oddball Prophet descriptions.