Heart&Slash, A Robot Brawler Love Story, Arrives on Nintendo Switch

(Photo: aheartfulofgames)

If there's one thing Switch audiences love, it's a good action game with lots of pretty colors. Heart&Slash, a "roguelike" 3D brawler, may fit perfectly with this audience after making its debut this week on Nintendo Switch. Along with the bridge to Switch, the game's Steam version is now the first to receive the 'Endless Dungeon' update, which is set to come to other platforms some time next year. Check out the new Switch trailer below:

Heart&Slash follows Heart, a unique, sentient robot who must escape the evil QuAsSy (Quality Assurance Systems). Heart must outwit standardization henchmen in order to keep is memories and newfound personality traits, but luckily, it has Slash. Slash is another 'bot who is described as a veteran of the world that the game takes plae in, and Heart finds itself wanting Slash's aprroval. So, each new challenge becomes a chance to impress Slash as well, with plenty of paths for the player to take.

Yes, along with being a brawler, Heart&Slash quickly becomes a post-apocalyptic robot love story, and we're pretty sure there's nothing better than that. What's more, the game offers plenty to do, with 71 playable missions, 135 pieces of equipment, 6 selectable characters to play with and a whopping 93 different enemies so that players can keep themselves busy.

The new Endless Dungeon mode adds even more to this, providing randomly-generated stages for infinite gameplay. The player will also get the chance to control Slash against enemies that only get stronger as you progress through the dungeons. The game's ongoing theme is adapting in the face of danger or challenges, and so as the enemies grow smarter, the player must too -- because they start to change based on your attacks and strategy.

Heart&Slash is available now for Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.