Hearthstone Game Designer Clarifies Nintendo Switch Rumors

Rumors about what the next title to make its way over to the Nintendo Switch are always [...]


Rumors about what the next title to make its way over to the Nintendo Switch are always circulating. It's not surprising given that the hybrid console has seen some surprising ports since its launch last year. That being said, when one Reddit user started circulating a false confirmation that Blizzard's Hearthsone would be making its way onto the latest platform from the Big N, Game Designer Dean Ayala was quick to make note.

In response to the initial claims, Ayala issued a very straight-to-the-point statement: " There are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch." No beating around the bush, no "well ..." insinuations - it's a flat out no. You have to respect it, and it's coming straight from the source.

It's not surprising that this rumor would circulate. Hearthstone is a hugely popular game and its accessibility on mobile devices has only grown that player base. With the Nintendo Switch being so versatile, the report that it was added the Blizzard favourite within its library wasn't the most ludicrous rumor floating around. Sadly, it's a no go. At least for now. Understandable, because Blizzard has their hands quite full with the huge World of Warcraft expansion coming out that brings the fight between Horde and Alliance to a head, not to mention the Classic Mode that had vanilla fans hyped.

If we had to guess, it would be that the cross-play functionality would be the game's biggest obstacle for a Switch port. The game now can be played with anyone: PC, Android, and iOS. Could the cross-platform play translate to the Switch? Absolutely, but it wouldn't be an easy one and Blizzard has a busy 2018 ahead of them. Maybe in the future, the hybrid console has garnered more third party support than ever before so really, anything is possible.

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