Hello Neighbor PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Release Date Revealed

One of the industry's most creepiest games, Hello Neighbor, finally has a release date on a myriad [...]

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One of the industry's most creepiest games, Hello Neighbor, finally has a release date on a myriad of platforms.

Publisher tinyBuild Games and developer Dynamic Pixels have announced that Hello Neighbor is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on July 27, 2018.

While we already knew about the Nintendo Switch and PS4 ports, the mobile ports are a pleasant little surprise. Hello Neighbor has mainstream appeal – demonstrated by how it briefly overtook the Let's Play community – so it's a shrewd move to bring it to the mainstream's platform of choice.

According to tinyBuild, the mobile versions of the game will be on par with other versions in terms of content, but will, obviously, feature modified controls as well as visuals.

To satiate the mobile markets unique marketplace, the game's first act will be available as a free download, meanwhile Act 2 and Act 3 will come at a price. The ol' gateway drug technique.

Despite the game's poor critical reception, Hello Neighbor instantly became the American's publisher biggest game to date. Popular to stream and fun to watch, Hello Neighbor performed commercially where it didn't critically, and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.

For those that don't know: the premise of Hello Neighbor is simple – sneak into your suspicious neighbor's house and figure out what horrible secrets he is hiding in his basement.

While the premise is simple, the execution is far from it. This isn't your average neighbor, it's your local neighbor powered by advanced and intricate AI that learns from your every move and who knows the house – including its shortcuts – better than you. In other words it's a terrifying game of cat and mouse or hide, seek, and then run for your life. If you like a little bit of tense-charged terror in your life, Hello Neighbor is probably worth checking out.

Hello Neighbor is currently available on PC and Xbox One at the price-point of $29.99 USD. It is unclear what price-point will be given to the new platforms.

Below, you can check out a new trailer, as well as the game being shown off on mobile: