Hideo Kojima Seemingly Working on New PS5 Game

It looks like Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima might be developing a new game for PlayStation 5. Ever since Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions released Death Stranding back in 2019, fans have been wondering what the iconic game director will do next. And while some reports have suggested that Kojima's next project will be associated with Xbox, a new image shared by the creator suggests that this may not be the case. 

In a recent post on social media, Hideo Kojima himself shared an image of what looked to be a workspace at Kojima Productions. On its own, the picture didn't mean a whole lot, but some fans noticed that in the corner of the image, a PS5 dev kit could be seen hooked up to a TV. Although it's not shocking that Kojima Productions would have access to a PS5 dev kit, the fact that there was one sitting near Kojima's seat in the image made some fans infer that the studio's next game could be coming to the PlayStation platform. 

As mentioned, the biggest reason why this matters whatsoever is because a number of people have been under the assumption that Kojima will end up working with Xbox in some capacity soon. While this possibility is still very much in play, the fact that a PS5 dev kit also seems to be actively getting used within Kojima Productions could poke a hole in this theory.

Again, though, it's worth noting that Kojima simply having a dev kit for the PS5 doesn't mean a whole lot. Kojima Productions has actually already released a game for PS5 with Death Stranding Director's Cut, so it's not unusual to see a dev kit sitting around the office. Still, the fact that it seemed to be actively hooked up and connected to a monitor is what makes this all a bit more interesting. 

What do you think that Hideo Kojima and the team at Kojima Productions are working on next? Do you think Kojima's next game will be exclusive to Xbox, as some reports have suggested, or will he opt to work with Sony once again? Let me know your own best guess either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.