Hideo Kojima's Rumored Xbox Game Potentially Reveals First Details

Reports have been circling for a couple of months now stating that Hideo Kojima, the creator [...]

Reports have been circling for a couple of months now stating that Hideo Kojima, the creator behind franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, will be working in tandem with Xbox on his next project. Although no such deal between both parties has come to light in an official capacity, new details on what this potential game might look like have recently come about.

According to SoulsHunts, who is a French insider that has had accurate information in recent months, Kojima is going to be creating a horror game in this partnership with Xbox. SoulsHunt says that this is the same game that Kojima previously planned to work on with Google Stadia, which we heard reports of earlier this year. In addition, the game will seemingly use an episodic format, meaning that the full title won't be released at a single time. SoulsHunt also says that Kojima Productions won't be purchased by Xbox Game Studios as well.

Adding one piece of conjecture, SoulsHunt also said that those at PlayStation likely "would have refused the project because they did not like the episodic format." While there is no way to verify this whatsoever, it is an interesting reason to potentially explain why Kojima would not be working with PlayStation once again after previously collaborating on Death Stranding.

As usual with rumors like this, it's important to take everything that has been expressed here with a grain of salt. While we have heard quite a bit about Kojima working with Xbox lately, it's hard to know if any of these finer pieces of info will end up proving to be accurate. Hopefully, though, if this partnership is going to come about, we won't have to wait much longer to actually learn about it in an official capacity.

Until then, the one thing that we do know Kojima is working on is Death Stranding Director's Cut. The upcoming re-release of the 2019 title will apparently be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and will have more details revealed to the public within the coming weeks.