Hitman 3 and New IP In Development at IO Interactive

Today was a big deal for Hitman. Hitman 3 was confirmed to be in some form of development, new [...]

(Photo: IO Interactive)

Today was a big deal for Hitman. Hitman 3 was confirmed to be in some form of development, new Hitman 2 content was announced, and there's a new Hitman documentary now available as well. That said, while the Hitman documentary is out today and the Hitman 2 content will be out soon, it sounds like Hitman 3 won't be coming for awhile, because IO Interactive is also working on a brand-new IP, which sounds like it will be coming first.

Confirmation of Hitman 3 actually came during the new Hitman documentary from Noclip. Titled "The Fall and Rise of Hitman," the documentary is actually the first of a four-part series on the franchise from Noclip that investigates IO Interactive split with Square Enix, and how the studio was able to survive long enough to bring the series back from the brink. And at one point the following quote pops up:

"Earlier this year IO Interactive opened up a new studio across the bridge in Malmo, Sweden. And while much of the team is working on new Hitman content, and looking ahead to the third game, one that IO says may once again go episodic, the majority of the studio in Copenhagen is working on something secret, and rather excitingly, something new."

As you can see, it may be awhile before we get Hitman 3, which seems to suggest it will be a PS5, Xbox Scarlett, and PC game rather than a PC and current-gen release. As for the new IP, there's no details divulged, but presumably it will be something much different than the iconic stealth series.

As for the new Hitman 2 content, you can check it out in the trailer below. In short, it will be taking players to Siberia, or more specifically, a Siberian prison.

"The Prison is a brand new Sniper Assassin map available in Hitman 2," reads an official pitch. "This exciting new addition is the second post-launch Sniper Assassin map that will be released as part of the Expansion Pass – and will take Agent 47 to the Perm-14 Prison facility in Siberia, Russia."

The new map is poised to release on July 30 to all of those who own the expansion. For more details and media on the map, click here.