Humble Bundle Changes Course Following Charitable Donation Cap Outrage

Following strong pushback from users, Humble Bundle has somewhat reversed course on its announced changes to bundle sliders. Last month, the company announced that bundle pages would no longer feature the slider that allows users to decide how much of their donation goes to the charity. Instead, the plan was to cap that figure at 15%. The move was heavily criticized across social media, with some questioning their desire to continue purchasing bundles. Sliders have now returned to bundle pages, but the company will "take more time to review feedback and consider sliders and the importance of customization for purchases on bundle pages in the long term."

The Tweet announcing the change can be found embedded below. The blog post can be found right here.

While some are happy to see the sliders return, others remain hesitant about Humble Bundle's future plans. Clearly, the pushback from users caught the company off-guard, but there are still plans to make changes to the service. Following the negativity, it will be interesting to see how future changes are approached. The blog post apologizes for the way that the changes were rolled out, but users are more upset about the paltry amount given per donation, as opposed to the suddenness of the change. Hopefully, the company can come up with a solution that makes users and charities both happy.

For those unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, the company regularly offers different bundles of digital video games, comics, books, and more. A percentage of the profit goes to a select charity. For example, this month's Heavy Metal's Heaviest Metal bundle allows donors to snag a number of comics, with donations benefiting The Hero Initiative. Users are encouraged to give what they want for each bundle, but paying more unlocks more items in the bundle. Users can then decide how much of their donation goes to the charity using the slider.

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