'Infinity War' Captain America Joins 'Marvel Contest of Champions'

Now that Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has left a sizable mark on the worldwide box office -- [...]

Captain America 2

Now that Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War has left a sizable mark on the worldwide box office -- $1.25 billion and still climbing -- it's time for its characters to make an impact elsewhere. And by that, we mean Contest of Champions.

Kabam has posted a new blog entry detailing the latest Champion for its hit mobile fighting game: Captain America. But this is the Infinity War edition of the hero complete with facial hair and his neat new armplates in place of his shield.

"Captain America (Infinity War) enters The Contest May 10th at 10AM PDT, but you can add him to your team early by purchasing his Preview Bundle on May 4th at 10AM PDT!" the company noted in its post.

Here's the description for the hero:

"Since opposing the Sokovia Accords, the super-soldier has lost his shield and been forced underground. But with the help of friends new and old, he's managed to re-equip and remain under the radar; all the while continuing to do what he believes is right — saving the world one clandestine mission at a time."

The blog entry also has details on how his character fares in terms of Base Stats and Abilities. Although it reads like a huge list of statistics, it does break down his effectiveness in the heat of battle -- even if he's possibly going up against an older version of himself.

Captain America

Both his abilities and matchups are detailed below:


  • With his Signature Ability and the right teammates, Cap is capable of putting a lot of Debuffs on his opponent, allowing him to make great use of this mastery.


  • Combining Despair with his natural ability to place Petrify Debuffs on his opponent can make for a powerful combination.


  • Cap can do a lot of Stunning, both through Well Timed Blocks, and through his Special 2 Attack. This let's Cap keep the Petrify effect active for much of the fight.
  • As far as his matchups go, they are as follows:

Strong Matchups


  • Dormammu is a good matchup for Cap, who doesn't trigger any Buffs naturally, and his Science Experiment Synergy will reduce the damage he takes from Dormammu's Degeneration if it does trigger.


  • As long as Cap can remain Kinetically Charged, he will remove Juggernaut's unstoppable effects simple by attacking into him.


  • Cap's Petrify Debuffs will help counter both Limbo and Mystic Dispersion. Combine this with his Special 1 Attack's Ability Accuracy reduction to help prevent Limbo from even triggering in the first place.

Weak Matchups


  • Crossbones' ability to convert Debuffs into Fury effects, as well as reduce Defensive Ability Accuracy, makes him well equipped to deal with Cap's Debuffs, reduce the chance of him gaining Kinetic Potential, and triggering his Glance.


  • Taskmaster's ability to resist Debuffs, as well as his Concussions and bonus damage based on Debuffs let him bypass many of Cap's abilities.


  • Rogue's ability to quickly shrug off Debuffs keeps Captain America from being able to build up multiple stacks of them, and her ability to control when she steals Health or Power let's her avoid the reduction of Cap's Petrifies.

You can check out Marvel Contest of Champions now for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.