Inside and Limbo Developer Playdead Reveals New Details on Next Game

Playdead, the studio behind critically-acclaimed titles Limbo and Inside, has been toiling away on [...]

Playdead, the studio behind critically-acclaimed titles Limbo and Inside, has been toiling away on its next project for a few years at this point. For the most part, though, the developer has been extremely secretive about what this new game might end up looking like. Luckily, some new details on the yet-to-be-announced title have today surfaced thanks to some new job listings.

As a whole, these new roles at Playdead don't give us a ton of information about the studio's next game, but some light has been shed on how it might play. Details of the game tell us that it takes place in the third-person perspective and is also set in an open-world, both of which are quite interesting. As for the game's setting, it's said to take place in a sci-fi universe. Considering that previous art we have seen for the game has shown off a character that looks to be wearing an astronaut suit, this isn't too surprising to learn.

Likely the coolest part of these new job postings though is that they featured new art for this upcoming Playdead game. Much like Limbo and Inside, the art utilizes a palette that is largely devoid of color. Each piece shows off a nondescript environment, one of which seems to showcase a lift or elevator of some sort. The other then sees a small robot on wheels standing in the middle of a massive room. This robot is also one that we have seen in previous art pieces for the game indicating that it'll likely play a large role in the final product.

For now, there's still very little else that we know about this mysterious Playdead title. Likely the biggest nugget of news we have received on it within the past year is that Epic Games will be serving as its publisher whenever it ends up releasing. Playdead, conversely, will end up retaining IP rights to the property and will then split the ensuing profits with Epic half-and-half.

Considering that it has been nearly five years since Inside released, perhaps 2021 will finally be the year in which Playdead opts to fully reveal what it has been toiling away on. If that does end up happening at any point, we'll obviously let you know here on In the interim, you can keep up with all of our future coverage on Playdead right here.