Epic Games Announces New Publishing Label With Remedy, Playdead, and gen DESIGN

With the cost of video game development continuing to increase through the years, developers are [...]

With the cost of video game development continuing to increase through the years, developers are looking for new ways to get their games noticed by a greater audience. Today, Epic Games announced a new publishing label, which will host games from a trio of well-regarded developers: Remedy (Control, Alan Wake), Playdead (Inside, Limbo), and gen DESIGN (The Last Guardian). According to Epic Games, the new multiplatform publishing agreement will be a developer-first approach, and the company detailed a number of ways that developers will stand to benefit from the new initiative. It's certainly an up-front approach, and it could very well inspire other developers to sign on with the company.

Under the new initiative, developers will retain full ownership of the games and intellectual property. The developers will also retain total creative control, as well. Epic Games is funding 100% of the development of the new titles from these studios, in exchange for 50% of the profits. In a statement on the company's website, Hector Sanchez, Head of Epic Games Publishing, discussed the new initiative, while praising the talent of the three development teams.

"gen DESIGN, Remedy, and Playdead are among the most innovative and talented studios in the industry, with strong visions for their next games. They will have full creative control, while Epic will provide a solid foundation of project funding and services."

The multiplatform agreement really seems to show a lot of confidence on the part of Epic Games. The teams are well-established names, responsible for some truly great games. Control, for example, was considered by many outlets to be one of 2019's best games. Even still, it's unusual for a publisher to be so up-front about their deals with developers. That said, it does make it quite clear why all three studios were so eager to sign with Epic Games. Time will tell if the approach will prove fruitful, but it will be interesting to see if other publishers follow suit, in the future.

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