Insomniac Community Director Comments On Spider-Man's Raimi Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man fans finally got their wish of the Sam Raimi suit being added to the [...]

Marvel's Spider-Man fans finally got their wish of the Sam Raimi suit being added to the PlayStation 4 game - for free - earlier today with many taking a moment to apologize for harassing the developers. Though the suit itself is good news, it does raise a point of concern over the rising trend of death threats and volatile harassment that developers seem to be getting when players don't get their way.

This case is glaringly apparent given how beautiful the story was (and continues to be) with incredible reviews and the already huge line-up of available Spidey suits. Many in the industry have begun speaking out about the mistreatment of developers and the cresting sense of entitlement from consumers. One such person speaking out is none other than the Insomniac Games Community Director himself with a message that continues to spread in popularity.

He also added an additional note for those "trolls" that are saying they "won" because of the suit's addition. Stevenson responded saying that these decisions have to go through a pipeline, and that they never "stopped listening":

As we noted earlier today with our previous coverage, many players of the popular PS4 game came forward to apologize for previous messages, and the overall excitement for the newest addition was immediately felt. But over the last several years, death/rape/violence threats have been at an all-time high being slung from gamers to the developers that make the stories we experience.

Not just in games, but everything in life, it's impossible to make everyone 100% happy. There will be different opinions, various perspectives, and general "not my cup of tea" responses - and that's OK. Not every game is going to suit your fancy, and that is also OK. What's not OK is threatening a working professional over not getting what you want. It's more than "I'm the consumer" - it's about being a decent human being.

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