Killer Instinct Live Stream Happening This Week, Is a Fourth Season Imminent?

Killer Instinct

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly been quite a few months since we’ve seen any new characters introduced for Killer Instinct, Amazon Game Studios/Iron Galaxy’s revamped edition of the classic Rare fighting game. We’ve gotten three seasons’ worth of great characters introduced thus far as well as a ton of features that keep combo-performing fans coming back for more.

Now it appears that something could be coming on the horizon very soon. Microsoft has just confirmed that a special Killer Instinct themed livestream is set to take place this week on Tuesday, July 24. During that time, the publisher has promised that, starting at 12:00 PM PDT, some new information about “your favorite fighting game” would be coming, with “some killer guests” lined up. You can see the tweet below.

While neither Microsoft nor Iron Galaxy mentioned it specifically yet, this could very well be a hint that a fourth season is in the works, with all new characters and possible modes coming to the game. There’s certainly room to expand the roster in various directions, and with EVO 2018 coming up next month, the timing probably couldn’t be any better.

The previous season introduced a number of great fighters into the fold, including legendary Battletoads star Rash; General RAAM from Gears of War; the Arbiter from the Halo series; classic favorites like Kim Wu and Tusk; and post-season three extras like Kilgore and Eagle. So a new season with even more additions would hit the spot.


We’ll let you know what details are divulged following the livestream, but we’re sure to be in for some good news, fighting fans. Maybe we'll even get some sort of EVO tournament-related announcement? Bring back the Instinct, we say!

Killer Instinct is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10. Want to see just how good it gets? Check out this awesome trailer featuring Rash!