Killer Instinct Teases Yet Another New Character, Coming After E3

We’ve gotten three great seasons of Killer Instinct action thus far, but it doesn’t look like [...]

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We've gotten three great seasons of Killer Instinct action thus far, but it doesn't look like the developers over at Iron Galaxy are letting up on the action anytime soon.

A new trailer for the game has been released by Microsoft, and this time around, it looks like it's teasing an all new character for the game – a Native American brawler by the name of Eagle.

In the trailer, we get hints of what the character may be like, based on his unique design (complete with tattoos that start glowing), as well as his attack style, which involves a whole lot of arrows.

There's some speculation that Eagle will have some form of relation to Chief Thunder in the game – more than likely his brother, who wants to set out on his own form of vengeance against other combatants within the game.

Microsoft has only offered up the teaser for the character thus far, as we don't have any additional information, such as a release date or even what kind of combos you can put together with him. At least, not yet. However, with the Electronic Entertainment Expo right around the corner, the publisher, alongside Iron Galaxy, could reveal more details as to what – or who – to expect to be added to the game in the months ahead.

The developer has done a great job supporting Killer Instinct since the original team at Double Helix departed following its acquisition by Amazon. It's brought us a number of updates that have re-introduced classic characters into the game, as well as guests like General RAAM from the Gears of War series and Rash from the classic Battletoads games.

There's no word yet if we'll be seeing a bunch of new characters jumping into the game, but considering its popularity on both the casual and esports side of things, it wouldn't surprise us if Microsoft began moving forward on a brand new season for fans to indulge in. We'll let you know what details become available during the E3 presentation. The character will more than likely release after, according to community manager Rukari Austin.

For now, enjoy the Eagle teaser, and get your fighting groove on now with Killer Instinct for Xbox One and Windows PC.