'Kingdom Hearts III' PS4 Pro Pre-Orders Being Cancelled By GameStop, Angering Customers

kingdom hearts
(Photo: Square Enix)

If you pre-ordered the sold-out and very hard to come by Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro at GameStop, you may want to check your email.

Today, GameStop announced that it took too many pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pros. In other words, it doesn't have enough for everybody who pre-ordered the very limited console that was exclusive to the retailer.

For its fumble, GameStop is awarding customers impacted by the negligence with $25 store credit.

As you may know, this is far from an issue exclusive to GameStop, and is rather an issue that plagues many retailers and is a direct result of pre-order culture and retailers trying to get as many pre-orders they can before having precise shipments.

But whether the issue is common or not doesn't matter to many fans, who are unhappy to say the least.


Kingdom Hearts III is poised to release on January 29 via the PS4 and Xbox One. For more coverage on the highly-anticipated action-RPG, click here.