Kirby Star Allies For Nintendo Switch Adds Five Free Dream Friends Today

Nintendo’s Kirby Star Allies dropped earlier this month, and while it may not be as imaginative [...]

Kirby Star Allies

Nintendo's Kirby Star Allies dropped earlier this month, and while it may not be as imaginative a game as, say, Planet Robobot was on the 3DS, it's still an endearing adventure for fans of the series, based on the review we posted a few days ago.

And it's great that the publisher will support the game with new allies, including a few favorites from previous releases. Today, the company dropped a new update for the Nintendo Switch platformer that adds five familiar faces to the mix.

The update, labeled version 2.0, can be applied the next time you start up the Switch. Once you go into the game, it should automatically begin downloading, if it hasn't already.

It features the addition of three (well, technically five) new Dream Friends. These include a former boss by the name of Marx, a jelly-like creature by the name of Gooey, and the trio of Rick, Kine and Coo, consisting of a fish, a bird and a hamster.

With those last three combined, you can essentially use all three of them over the course of your adventure, depending how they're needed.

If you've played the prior Kirby's Dream Land games on earlier consoles, all of these characters should be familiar to you.

In addition to the addition of these new Dream Friends (again, free of charge – no need to pay for DLC), the update also includes a new celebration picture to complete by collecting Picture Pieces across each stage, as well as a few minor fixes to "enhance gameplay," although they weren't specifically listed.

Again, the update should start the next time you load the game, and shouldn't take too long, depending on your Internet connection. You can get details here in case you need help downloading it.

Kirby Star Allies is well worth picking up, especially if you loved the pink puffball's previous adventures. "There is enough novelty here to justify the buying price, especially if you have someone to play through the game with you, but HAL definitely should have taken some bolder risks. The Nintendo Switch is a bold and exciting new console; it's innovative, and we live in the Breath of the Wild era when Nintendo fans expect bold new direction in staple franchises. Star Allies does not deliver that kind of innovation, but what it does offer is precious, and I loved my time with it very much," Matt Hayes noted in his review.

Kirby Star Allies is available now for Nintendo Switch.