Lady Gaga Is Playing Bayonetta and the Fans Love It

For years, Lady Gaga has entertained in a number of ways, from over-the-top concert performances to her winning portrayal of an up-and-coming singer in A Star Is Born. But now she appears to be winning over gamers, as she's enjoying a classic action experience and relating to just how tough it is.


The songstress recently took to Twitter talking about her experience with Bayonetta, the Sega classic from Platinum Games that most recently got a re-release on the Nintendo Switch, as part of a two-pack with Bayonetta 2. In it, she expressed how she was able to get through act four of the game with ease, only for act five to come back in a truly kick-ass fashion. Check out her tweet below.

And it's true -- on a higher-up difficulty, Bayonetta definitely puts you to the test. But she's got ample support from gaming folk, including Nintendo of America themselves:

And here are some fans expressing love for Lady Gaga being such a gamer. Hey, we love it, too.

Granted, there were some folks wondering what Bayonetta is all about -- so hopefully Lady Gaga's approval gives that two-pack for Switch a push. It's definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.


The original Bayonetta can also be played via Xbox One backward compatibility, and you shouldn't miss it. It' We'll see ourselves out.

We're also getting Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, though a release date hasn't been given yet.