League of Legends Reveals New Look at Ahri Update

Delivering on the requests of many League of Legends players eager to see more of what the new and improved Ahri would look like, Riot Games finally revealed our latest look at Ahri's visual update this week as well as news on when we might actually see this update release. The update in question is classified as an Art & Sustainability Update – one of the many different categories Riot uses to hone in on specific parts of a champion's design – and is line with what we saw from Caitlyn's update, for those who remember that.

The image below featuring turnarounds of Ahri's updated base model is just one of many different visuals shared on Tuesday to give a better idea of what's going on with the new Ahri. Everything from the narrative guiding the direction the rework team plans to take Ahri to the new visuals for each of her abilities was discussed. For the former, Riot said it chose to go with the "post-Ruined King" version of the character to express the development Ahri went through throughout the course of that story arc.


"Talking with our concept art lead Thomas 'Riot Hylia' Randby, we decided that post-Ruined King Ahri would be the most exciting for players," Riot said. "After seeing her grow so much over the course of the game, it felt like a loss to revert her back to who she was before: Someone running from the pain of her past rather than moving forward with her chin held high."

For those wondering why Ahri might need an update, keep in mind that this one doesn't affect her gameplay at all. And while it's true that Ahri already has plenty of skins to change up her look – she appears to have 16 skins not including chromas, to be exact – the number of skins she has and will continue to get is part of the reason why she's getting an update in the first place. The "Sustainability" part of an ASU ensures that Ahri can keep getting skins while gaining "some basic animations" and a recall which newer champions have but she still lacked.

You can see Riot's latest look at Ahri's ASU in full here. As for release plans, Riot said it plans to put this update out early next year.