League of Legends Reveals New Arcane Skins

League of Legends is getting some skins based on its champions' appearances in the new Arcane TV show, Riot Games announced this week. The announcement featured two different skins – one for Vi and one for Jayce – with more reveals expected to come afterwards. Given that Riot Games said it'd have more information soon regarding how players will be able to acquire Arcane Vi and Arcane Jayce, it seems likely that they'll be ownable through means other than simply purchasing them from the client's store.

The two skins can be seen below in the videos that previewed their arrival on the test servers this week. As is the case with pretty much all of these PBE videos, we see each of the skins' special ability animations and effects in action to show how they differ from the champions' base forms. The splash arts for each of the cosmetics can be seen at the end of their respective videos.

Skins for Jayce and Vi may have been revealed today, but those two champions are far from the only ones that'll be featured in Arcane. Given how the show is set within Piltover and Zaun which houses plenty of well-known characters – some of which have been confirmed already – we can expect more skins for other champions, too. Leaks have already pointed to that being the case, but for the time being, Riot has only revealed two skins.

Given that Riot has announced plans to have the first episode of Arcane streamed on Twitch on November 7th, it's not unreasonable to think that these skins will be earned either by that or by watching the show some other way. Riot frequently uses Twitch Drops to give out League of Legends loot and has confirmed that Drops will be enabled during this premiere, but it hasn't been specified if those Drops will grant these skins or something else.

The new Arcane show will primarily feature the champion Jinx as well as her sister, Vi, and other champions that inhabit the Piltover and Zaun regions. It's scheduled to arrive on Netflix on November 6th, the day before the first episode will be streamed on Twitch. It'll be released in parts unlike most Netflix shows, but viewers will have several episodes to watch each time a new act is released until the show concludes.