League of Legends Reveals New Anime-Inspired Battle Academia Skins

Riot Games has finally revealed its plans for a Shonen-inspired line of League of Legends skins [...]

Riot Games has finally revealed its plans for a Shonen-inspired line of League of Legends skins with a brief video that previewed the cosmetics' arrival on the PBE servers. Ezreal, Lux, Jayce, Katarina, Graves, and the newest champion Yuumi will be the recipients of the Battle Academy skins that Riot has been building up to for a while now. Each of the skins features characteristics and effects inspired by Shonen anime that encompass everything from their running animations to the recalls.

Jayce, Katarina, and Graves don't get skins quite as frequently as Lux and Ezreal do, but it looks like this Battle Academy skin will be the first one the champion receives at launch. Yuumi was revealed not long ago and will be a support champion, so perhaps we'll see a Battle Academy duo in the bottom lane soon.

The splash arts for the champions' skins were shared on the game's Weibo site (thanks, Moobeat) with the artwork for the skins' shared splashes seen below. Looking at the artwork shared on Weibo, it appears as though Lux's Battle Academy skin will come in two variants. She'll have her normal skin, but like champions before her such as the K/DA lineup, Aatrox, and Vayne, she'll also have a Prestige Edition skin.

League of Legends Shonen Skins
(Photo: Weibo)

Riot Stellari, the skins product manager for League of Legends, said when the skins were revealed that it's now been over six months since work first began on the cosmetics. As is customary with League's patch schedule for the live servers and the PBE, the full splashes and in-game versions of the skins should be on the PBE soon for testing.

Riot Games has not yet revealed the pricing information of the new League skins nor has it been said how Lux's Prestige Edition cosmetic can be obtained.


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