League of Legends' Bramble Vest is "Too Powerful," Will Soon Cost More

Bramble Vest is still a pretty new item in League of Legends, but it’s been performing perhaps a [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Bramble Vest is still a pretty new item in League of Legends, but it's been performing perhaps a bit too well against certain champions and now has some steep cost increases being considered.

At the moment, there appears to be two potential routes that the Bramble Vest defensive item will take, but both of them lead to the Thornmail component becoming more expensive. The first possible direction involves bumping up the price of the item quite a bit while giving a few stat buffs while the alternative is reducing the stats it has now and bumping up the cost just a bit.

Riot Meddler outlined the changes that Riot is considering for the item by beginning with the first option that would make it a lot more expensive and less viable for a first purchase. Speculating that they might raise the cost of the item by around 300 gold, that would raise the price of the item from the current 900 gold to 1200 gold instead. Increasing that price and the stats that it provides would still make it a worthwhile item to pick up against enemy comps who are heavy with attack damage and sustain, but it would prevent it from being a cheap defensive item to shut down champs like Tryndamere and Aatrox.

The second direction for the item would leave it as a more viable lane option while reducing its gold efficiency through a double-nerf to the stats and cost of the item. This option is the one that's currently being tested on the PBE with the total cost of Bramble Vest raised to 1000 gold and the item now reflecting 15 damage per basic attack as opposed to 20 like the version that's live.

Meddler added that while the second version of the item is being test right now, it's still possible that the first option sees some time on the PBE as well before changes are shipped.



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