League of Legends Lucian Statue is Beyond Epic (And Weighs Over 600 Pounds)

For Lucian "the Purifier" fans, this League of Legends statue is beyond gorgeous! Standing at a gigantic 9 feet 6 inches and weighing over 600lbs, this piece is one that will immediately take your breath away!

In a stunning collaboration between Steve Wang and Alliance Studio, Lucian has been brought to life in arguably one of the most epic ways ever! The process of creation was long and intense, utilising concept and splash art, animation, lore, fan art, and accurate 3D models to encapsulate just what makes this champion stand out. They've even got the brooding facial expression down pat; we all know staring down hordes of the undead is no walk in the park.

Lucian 1
(Photo: Alliance Studio)

The base of the statue is nothing short of stunning. The dynamicism of Lucian fighting his way through the undead with his classic dual pistols is something of pure genius. The lighting techniques and colour shading, both in Lucian and the base itself, is done to such incredible detail that it would make any League of Legends fan drool.

Lucian 3
(Photo: Alliance Studio)
lucian 2
(Photo: Alliance Studio)

Here are some "Quick and Dirty Facts" about the purifier according to the League of Legends post:

  • Lucian's total height is 9′ 6″ (taller than Annie & Tibbers)
  • Lucian's crated weight is 600 lbs.
  • Lucian was made with clay, resin, steel, wood, leather, velvet, lace, glass, hair and more
  • Lucian's hair alone took over 30 hours
(Photo: Alliance Studio)

As absolutely stunning as this piece is, it unfortunately is not for sale. Probably for the best, with the amount of work and detail put into this one-of-a-kind statue - it's a mercy there's no price tag attached.

If this studio seems familiar, they are famous for their amazing attention to detail and life-like caricatures. Remember those gigantic Overwatch statues that randomly started showing up? They were all by Alliance Studio.




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