League of Legends Patch, 2 Champion Updates Delayed

League of Legends players waiting for the next update to drop – the one that comes with champion updates for Aurelion Sol and Ahri – will have to wait awhile longer. Riot Games announced this week that Patch 13.3 had been delayed and would not be arriving at its normally scheduled time on Wednesday. Instead, the update will now be targeting a February 9th release, so it'll be out just one day later than usual.

One day isn't such a bad deal, but it is unusual given that Riot's League updates typically follow a pretty strict schedule of every other Wednesday. It's also bad news for the many Ahri players out there since they've already been waiting on the champion's visual update for quite some time now. That wait was prolonged previously whenever the champion update was delayed due to Riot being targeted by a social engineering attack.

But her update which is classified as an Art and Sustainability Update by Riot will still be landing in this patch even if the update itself is coming a day later.

"Ahri's ASU is coming to the Rift this patch with updated visuals, sound and visual effects, and animations for her base model and older skins," Ahri's portion of the patch notes said.

Aurelion Sol's update is a much more in-depth ones in terms of how it'll impact gameplay. His is a Comprehensive Gameplay Update, one that affects every aspect of his kit. His new passive plays off of a "Stardust" mechanic that empowers his abilities, his Q lets him breath fire, his W still lets him fly and can essentially be reset if he gets a takedown, his E summons a black hole that kills enemies who fall beneath a certain health threshold, and his ultimate drops a star down onto his enemies. You can read the full details on his rework here.

The rest of the update includes another swathe of balance changes, too, so be sure to check those out to see what's changing in regards to your favorite champions and items.