League of Legends' Pentakill Group Is Apparently Releasing a New Album

Fans of both League of Legends and metal music will be happy to hear that a new Pentakill album is apparently in the works, according to a now-deleted tweet about the supposed album. A musician by the name of Tre Watson shared a tweet earlier in the week which included an announcement about working with Riot Games on “Pentakill 3” and even received a response from one of Riot’s Twitter accounts that welcomed him to the team. The initial tweet from Watson has now been deleted, but not before people noticed it and were able to screenshot it to be preserved online.

Redditors and others within the League community spotted the tweet from Watson when it was shared earlier in the week. A thread within the League subreddit catalogued the initial tweet, a screenshot of the announcement, and a response from Riot Games Careers on Twitter.

The screenshotted tweet can be seen below even though it was deleted, but the response from Riot Games Careers remains up on the account.

For those unfamiliar with the group, Pentakill is both a collection of skins in League and a band comprised of several champions who have their own music made possible through Riot’s music team and its collaborators. The second Pentakill album, Grasp of the Undying, was released in 2017 and quickly climbed its way to the top of metal charts among other established groups like Metallica.

Pentakill has its own music videos to go along with the music as well. The one at the top of the article for the song called “Mortal Reminder” was released in August 2017 and featured the Pentakill band of Karthus, Mordekaiser, Sona, and Olaft wreaking havoc on Bandle City. It’s the video that also introduced Kayle to the group when she got her Pentakill skin.


Those skins are another thing that League players can potentially look forward to with whatever Pentakill music is in the works. Just as Riot introduced Kayle to the Pentakill group and later built up its collection of music-themed skins with K/DA and True Damage, it seems likely that new Pentakill music would be accompanied with at least one new skin.

Riot hasn’t officially announced its plans for new Pentakill music at this time.

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