League of Legends Shows Off New Prestige Edition Skin

Riot Games unveiled new Coven skins for a trio of League of Legends champions this week, one of [...]

Riot Games unveiled new Coven skins for a trio of League of Legends champions this week, one of which is getting the game's latest Prestige Edition cosmetic. That premium skin will be for Zyra, the support mage who was confirmed earlier in the year to be getting a Prestige Edition skin at some point. Prestige Edition Coven Zyra was previewed in a brief teaser video this week alongside the champion's base Coven skin, Coven Morgana, and Coven LeBlanc with each of those skins coming to the PBE first for testing before they're made available to purchase with RP or with Prestige Points.

The video below shows Zyra's normal skin first followed by the cosmetics for Morgana and then for LeBlanc. Zyra's Prestige Edition skin is shown at the end with the usual white and gold flares to it, but like the Prestige Edition skin for Lee Sin, it's got some darker colors for contrast.

A closer look at the skin was shared online shortly after the trailer was revealed to show off the turnarounds for the cosmetic.

According to Riot's post from earlier in the year when it named the champions who'd be getting Prestige Edition skins in the first half of 2020, the Prestige Edition skin for Zyra will be available to purchase with Prestige Points. This means that players won't have to worry about securing it before some limited-time event begins and will instead have time to save up their Prestige Points to purchase it when it's available.

The fact that it's available for Prestige Points and not as an event skin should be welcome news to Zyra mains considering that Riot is adjusting the way its Prestige Edition skins are earned from events. League's Prestige Edition skins will soon take a bit longer than before to unlock through events, though still not as long as they once did.

"So, we made the choice while working on Galaxies earlier this year to reduce the tokens being granted such that it typically takes between two and three games per day to get a Prestige Skin," Riot said. "We believe this will help keep them more exclusive, but because this requirement is significantly lower than the approximately four games per day required from events last year, we hope it still feels fun and fair to achieve."

Zyra's Prestige Edition skin will be released for League players to purchase with Prestige Points at a later date.