'League of Legends': Riot Games and Marvel Announce New 'Lux' Comic Series

Riot Games and Marvel Comics announced on Wednesday the next series of League of Legends comics [...]

League of Legends Lux
(Photo: Riot Games)

Riot Games and Marvel Comics announced on Wednesday the next series of League of Legends comics called Lux that'll feature the champion of the same name. The five-issue series explore Lux's role within the kingdom of Demacia as well as her relationships with other League of Legends champions including her brother Garen and a criminal named Sylas. Demacia itself is a complicated region in League's world of Runeterra and will play host to this story.

A preview for the comic was shared on Twitter alongside the announcement that said the first issue would be out on May 8th. We see several pages from the upcoming issues featuring Lux, Garen, and other characters as well as some destruction that appears to be befalling Demacia.

"The series will focus on Luxanna Crownguard, better known as 'Lux' in League of Legends, focusing on her struggle to control her magic abilities in Demacia, a kingdom where magic is outlawed," Riot Games said about the new comic mini-series. "The series will also explore Lux's relationships with other champions Garen and Sylas, while diving into Demacia's rich history and its anti-magic culture."

Riot's senior narrative writer John O'Bryan will be making his debut with Marvel Comics as the writer for the Lux series. O'Bryan's written many stories and champion backgrounds for League and has worked on characters such as Galio and Sylas in the past.

This second mini-series follows the first that Riot Games released called Ashe: Warmother which focused on another of League's most recognizable champions. Another is series is planned down the road that'll focus instead on Zed, a shadowy assassin from League.

Lux #1 is scheduled to release on May 8th.


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