League of Legends Shows Off New Space Groove Skins

Riot Games teased not long ago that it’d be dropping some new League of Legends skins this year [...]

Riot Games teased not long ago that it'd be dropping some new League of Legends skins this year to kick off the new "Space Groove" line of cosmetics. After it was confirmed that the Space Groove skins would dominate the next event in League, Riot showed off a look at what's almost the complete lineup of the Space Groove cosmetics. This collection currently encompasses eight different cosmetics with one of those being a Prestige Edition skin.

The full lineup of Space Groove skins includes ones for Nunu & Willump, Nasus, Rumble, Lux, Samira, Blitzcrank, and Lulu. It's Lulu that's getting the Prestige Edition skin with that cosmetic keeping the fanciful glow and noises of the Space Groove skins while trading out the colors that define the rest of the collection for some brighter golds and other colors. You can see each of those showed off in the video below that welcomed them to the PBE servers.

As is the case with pretty much every new skin that's added to League, these cosmetics will first be tested on the PBE servers before they're ready for a wide release. Those with a PBE account can hop on now to try them out and see if there are any issues with them or if you need to make up your mind about which one to get.

Riot revealed earlier in the year that Lulu would be getting a Prestige Edition skin, so it should be no surprise to see her next in the lineup if you've been paying attention to the ones released previously. Getting the skin will involve participating in whatever is planned for the Space Groove event, but you'll be able to pick up the skin later in the year during a mid-season Prestige Point Store event if you've got some leftover Prestige Points.

There's one champion who's not listed in the collection above, however, and that's the new character who's being added to League next. Riot confirmed not long ago that the new AP skirmisher champion meant for the top lane would be getting a Space Groove skin which means that the character's release can't be too far out if we're already seeing the Space Groove skins released on the PBE. It could be that the champion will launch after the Space Groove skins do, however, so we may not see them all release at the same time.