League of Legends Announces Updates for Prestige Points, First 2021 Prestige Skins

Just as Riot Games previewed the League of Legends champions that’d be getting Prestige Edition skins throughout 2020, the company has now shared a list of champions who will get those premium skins starting next year. The whole Prestige Point system itself is also set to undergo some significant changes in 2021 from the way Riot’s announcement reads considering how there will be “no 2021 Prestige Points.” Full details on what the Prestige system will look like next year have yet to be revealed, but we at least know some of the champions who will get Prestige Edition skins.

Those champions are Fiora, Leona, Lulu, and an undecided recipient of the annual Conqueror skin, Riot Games announced. The Prestige Edition skins for Fiora and Lulu will be tied to events while Leona’s and the Conqueror skin will be purchasable with Prestige Points.

Those skins will all release in the first half of 2021, but even if you’re not able to get them when they first become available, you’ll have another shot to purchase them when a mid-season Prestige Point Store opens sometime around May or June. Riot said it’ll open the Prestige Point Store then and will make the event skins for Fiora and Lulu available for 100 Prestige Points. Other content will also be available in the store for players who’ve already gotten what they want from the Prestige Point offerings and want something else.

As for the Prestige Points you already have, you may be wondering what’s happening to those and how you’ll be able to purchase skins next year if there aren’t going to be any 2021 Prestige Points. Riot has extended the 2020 Prestige Points which means the ones you have now will not expire at their previously announced date and will still be spendable next year. You’ll still be able to earn 2020 Prestige Points in the first half of 2021, but after the mid-season Prestige Point Store closes next year, the Prestige Points from 2020 and the Prestige Edition skins from both 2020 and 2021 will be unavailable.

As for the future of the Prestige system including the rare skins and how players will be able to obtain them, Riot isn’t ready to share those details just yet. The pot announcing all these changes said Riot would be back in mid-2021 with a “full rundown of the rare and exclusive content update, including the future of Prestige,” so we’ll see then what the plan is.