New League of Legends Champion Will Be Included in Space Groove Skins

Riot Games has several more League of Legends champions planned for the year, and one of those [...]

Riot Games has several more League of Legends champions planned for the year, and one of those will be included in the newly revealed line of "Space Groove" skins. These skins put a funky twist on the futuristic aesthetic that's occasionally incorporated into League's cosmetics, and whatever or whoever the next champion ends up being, we'll see them fit into the Space Groove theme as well. A set release date for these skins and the champion wasn't given, but the Space Groove cosmetics are meant to be the focus of the game's next event which should give a timeframe for their release.

Jessica "Safelocked" Nam, Executive Producer on League, spoke about the Space Groove skins and referenced the new champion in the latest "lol pls" video. These dev diary videos were previously called the "Riot Pls" series, but given how Riot Games has more than one game out now, the name's been changed for clarity.

The Space Groove skins made their reappearance towards the end of the video following their initial reveal from earlier in the year. Riot Safelocked first gave an overview of the Space Groove skins and the direction Riot Games is heading with them before confirming that the new champion would also be a part of the collection.

"Space Groove is this kind of wacky, retro-futuristic thematic that we've been really excited to see come to life," Riot Safelocked said. "It also includes a new champion that will be joining that skin line. This is the infamous top-lane Skirmisher that you may have heard of at Season Start as well."

The champion in question is indeed meant to be a top-lane contender who uses AP damage according to what was said in the "Champions in Season 2021" video. An image of a sewing needle with a thread through it was used to tease the arrival of the champion with references made to "snipping" and "sew" to give an idea of what that champion will be about. We also know that they'll be connected to Viego in some way as part of the Ruined King storyline currently guiding League's next few champion releases.

No specific release date for the new Space Groove skins were given, but the new champion shouldn't be far behind them, so look for dates and teasers to be shared sooner rather than later.