Teamfight Tactics Is Adding More Champions

Teamfight Tactics is now at the stage where players are once again settling into the meta with a bunch of new champions and mechanics to utilize thanks to the Rise of the Elements update. These new champions like Singed, Lux, and Nasus aren’t the only ones coming to the game mode this year though with more champions planned to be revealed soon. Riot Games said new champions should head to the PBE servers next week, and they’ll all be out by the end of the year when 2019’s final patch releases.

Those new champions haven’t been revealed yet though, so for now, players who have their wishlists of who they think should be added can hold onto those hopes. Riot Meddler, the design director for League of Legends, commented on the state of Teamfight Tactics patches within one of the director’s weekly insights posts. The Rioter confirmed there that new champions would be added soon enough, would be revealed sooner, and will introduce a new Class to the game.

“In patch 9.24 (last major patch of the year) we'll then be introducing a few new units to round out the roster a bit,” the Rioter said. “Expect to see those on PBE next week, with two of those units being from a new class.”

With no hints there about who will be added, it gives way to speculation about which champions Teamfight Tactics might get before the year is over. We’ll get more than two, judging from the Rioter’s comments, so some people with established strategies will have more of the same Class to supplement their team comps. Others might find themselves trying out totally new tactics depending on what the Classes are and what they do.

Aside from the new champions, the Rioter said the current state of Teamfight Tactics seems to be solid as far as balance is concerned.


“Overall we feel the new TFT Set is in a pretty good place balance wise,” Riot Meddler said. “We'll be making moderately sized changes only as a result as we head into the start of the ranked season for TFT next week. We're expecting that some strategies will become clearly strong once ranked turns on and people start playing more optimally. Overall though we're cautiously optimistic based off play so far that Rise of the Elements will be easier to keep a wide range of comps viable in at once than Set 1 was, due both to the pool size changes and the design of its traits.”

Expect to see the new champions on the PBE servers next week before they go live for everyone in Patch 9.24.