'LEGO Fallout' Fan Video Makes Us Want This Game So Bad

For those that are a fan of both LEGO and video games, the previous franchises that have received [...]

For those that are a fan of both LEGO and video games, the previous franchises that have received the blocky treatment have been the perfect blend of what is childishly charming about the LEGO brand and the narratives of some of our favorite series. LEGO Batman, LEGO Harry Potter, the list goes on and on. With Fallout 76 out now and Fallout 5 in the works, it makes sense that the Wasteland would be on everyone's mind but one fan gave us what we didn't know we needed until now: LEGO Fallout.

Captioned hilariously with the known Fallout tagline with a few tweaks - LEGO, LEGO never changes - the video perfectly encapsulates what so many enjoy about the LEGO spin-off games while still staying true to the survival aspect of the Fallout franchise.

We weren't the only ones impressed with this footage either! Many fellow YouTubers took to the comment section to basically throw money at this fan-made idea. Now that Bethesda has taken the Wasteland online for the first time, a LEGO version isn't that far-fetched. The studio has proven that they are willing to play around with the series' formula to create different experiences and LEGO fits that bill to the T.

We'll we ever get this concept in real life? Probably not, but we can still dream! You can check out even more of this talented content creator's portfolio over on his YouTube channel here!

As for the game itself, Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Interested in learning more about the online Wasteland? We've got you covered:

"As of right now, I'm loving the hell out of it. Would I have loved a Fallout 5? Absolutely, but Fallout 76 is charming and it really is a fresh perspective on a franchise that didn't necessarily need it, but it's welcome nonetheless," reads our review in-progress.

"I understand why many might not find it their particular cup of tea, but I've noticed a lot of naysayers haven't given it a chance. The world "online" has become almost scary with all of the talk cheaters, hackers, and griefers. Many see "online" as a series jumping ship, but that's not the case here. I feel like if you're a fan of Fallout, this will surprise you by how much it feels familiar. Play by yourself, play solo, just play it your way knowing it's not a Fallout 5, but something else entirely."