Ash vs. Evil Dead Getting Killer Promotion With Lionsgate and Overwatch League Team

We’re just a few days away from the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash in the third season of Ash [...]

Ash vs. Evil Dead

We're just a few days away from the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash in the third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz, which promises to be the bloodiest – and probably most fun – yet. But in the meantime, Lionsgate has announced an interesting way to promote the forthcoming series – through one of the Overwatch League's most popular teams.

The production company has announced that it has teamed up with the Los Angeles Valiant from the League to promote the third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. As such, the series will be shown on the group's jerseys through Stage 2 of the inaugural season of the League – and we're excited to see just what kind of jersey they get. (Also, can we buy one? We've always wanted an Evil Dead hockey jersey.)

"Ash vs. Evil Dead is a content property that is highly contextual to gaming and to our core demo and fan base," said Ari Segal, who serves as president and COO of the Valiant. "By creating truly unique, money-can't-buy experiences for our fans around that property, we elevate the fan experience to something that aims at more than merely being a fan of a team; instead, we're building a real community of people that activates around not only the Valiant, but also other properties or events from which it derives value and enjoyment."

Peter Levin, who serves as Valiant's Chairman, as well as president of Interactive Ventures, Games and Digital Strategy for Lionsgate, added, "The Valiant's audience, the audience for Overwatch League and esports generally, is one of the most elusive and yet highly sought after demographics. At both Lionsgate and the LA Valiant, we continue to think three dimensionally about how to reach and authentically connect with that constituency."

As part of the promotion, fans will have access to special events surrounding Ash vs. Evil Dead, including exclusive screenings of episodes, as well as meet and greets and Q & A's with creative voices behind the franchise. No word on when these will begin.

The jerseys will make their debut this Saturday, when the LA Valiant faces off against the Shanghai Dragons around 5 PM PDT. You can catch the action on the Overwatch League channel here.

Ash vs. Evil Dead's third season premieres on February 25 on Starz. Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.