Lost Ark Players Get New Twitch, Prime Gaming Loot

The Amazon-owned Lost Ark is giving players the shot at picking up some more loot from fellow Amazon services Prime Gaming and Twitch. One of those instances of loot is available via subscription for those who have an active Amazon Prime membership while the other requires Lost Ark fans to watch others play the game on Twitch. The loot will be up for grabs until later in July, so Lost Ark players have plenty of time to get their gear between now and then.

Only one of these offers – the one for Prime Gaming – is live at this time, however. Penguin skins have come to the game alongside some other incentives like Crystalline Aura and Amethyst Shards. All you have to do to get that loot is have an active Amazon Prime subscription, so head over to the Prime Gaming page now to redeem the offer if you're able to.

"New Prime Gaming loot is now available for Lost Ark, including new cosmetics – Penguin Skins!" Amazon said about this new offer. "Make sure to pick up the Penguin Skin Selection Chest alongside 5 days of Crystalline Aura and an Amethyst Shard Pack containing 500 shards. This loot is available to claim until July 26."

Then there's the Twitch Drop, but that one isn't available until June 30th at 8 a.m. PT. at that time, you'll have from then until July 27th to get a "Pupper Mask" and another set of Amethyst Shards. To do so, you'll have to watch a total of four hours of streams from content creators who are playing Lost Ark and have drops enabled. Four hours is no short amount of time to watch someone else play, but given that you've got from now until the end of July to do so, that's not too bad a deal.

For the content creators, Amazon and Smilegate RPG are also running another Creator Program challenge with this one centered around Vykas. If one of your favorite streamers places well during the challenge, you may have a shot at getting a Bronze Founders Pack from them, but for the more guaranteed loot, you're better off claiming the Twitch and Prime Gaming scores between now and the last week of July.