Madden NFL 21's PS5, Xbox Series X Upgrades Release Early, Here's How to Get Them

Madden NFL 21 players were supposed to get the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game on December 4th, and while it’s true that’s when the game will be fully playable via the new consoles’ upgrades, some parts of the experience have arrived early this week. Electronic Arts confirmed that the update had rolled out early but said that some important parts of the game aren’t currently working right now but should be resolved soon enough. For those who haven’t yet gotten the upgrade, you can do so now through what is thankfully a pretty easy process.

Things seem to be going smoothly on the Xbox Series X and Series S platforms based on what Electronic Arts has said, but the same can’t be said for the PlayStation 5 version. That version of the game can only be played offline at the moment since the game isn’t connecting to the servers, but Electronic Arts said it’ll have updates on the matter soon.

“The PlayStation 5 version of the game is not yet connected to the servers as we’re doing final testing on a problem for which we’ve submitted a solution,” Electronic Arts said. “We will provide updates this evening on its deployment as we head into launch, but the game can be played offline in the meantime.”

As for the process of actually getting the upgrades, it’s a simple one so long as you’re going from one generation to the next on the same format. If you’ve got the disc version of the game, insert it on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or Series S to get started. The PlayStation 5 version requires you to go to the game hub and select the upgrade option, but know that you’ll need to keep the disc in every time you want to play. For the Xbox disc version, you’ll be prompted when inserting the disc to upgrade the game.

For the digital versions, it works similarly to the disc versions but without the disc. The PlayStation 5 game hub for Madden NFL 21 will be the place to go to get the upgrade, and since the Xbox new Xbox version is bundled, it’ll prompt players for the update like usual.


If you’ve got the disc version on either platform and want to swap to a digital one, there are a few more steps involved. You have to go to EA’s help site and fill out some information including proof of purchase to get started.

Madden NFL 21’s next-gen upgrades on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S should be fully available and functional by December 4th.