Madden NFL 22 Cover Teased With Two Goats

Summer might have just started, but that means that football season is just around the corner. As [...]

Summer might have just started, but that means that football season is just around the corner. As such, Electronic Arts has today started the initial build-up to revealing this year's installment in the long-running Madden series. And while we still haven't seen any gameplay from Madden NFL 22, EA has provided a tease of who will be appearing on the coveted box art this season.

Revealed on social media, a new teaser for Madden NFL 22 was released this morning and it seems to tease that one of football's G.O.A.T.s (Greatest of All-Time) may be gracing the cover. The teaser in question simply sees two goats emerging from a barn and standing next to one another. One of the two goats seems to be a bit older than the other, although that might not mean anything at all. The trailer then ends with former running back and Madden cover athlete Peyton Hillis appearing before a date of June 17 is given, seeming to indicate that this is when we'll see the box art unveiled.

So what exactly does this tease mean? And who will be appearing on Madden NFL 22? Well, it's hard to say. Those at EA have already indicated that this year's cover will be a bit different than normal. The fact that there are two goats appearing in this video seems to suggest that there will even be two players gracing the cover of Madden NFL 22.

As for who one of those two might be, Tom Brady is likely one of them. Brady has often been referred to as the G.O.A.T. due to how many Super Bowl rings he has won over his long career. This past season he won his seventh title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, essentially cementing his title as the best QB to ever play in the NFL. So if EA is really putting a G.O.A.T. on its box art for Madden NFL 22, Brady would make the most sense for sure.

Whatever the truth might be, we don't have much longer to find out. We'll be sure to let you know all of the latest news related to Madden NFL 22 when that information comes to light this Thursday.

So who do you think might be appearing on the cover of Madden this year? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.