Magic: The Gathering Designer Teases Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Set

The head designer of Magic: The Gathering released a brief preview of the game's upcoming [...]

The head designer of Magic: The Gathering released a brief preview of the game's upcoming crossover with Dungeons & Dragons. Earlier today, Mark Rosewater, the longtime head designer for Magic: The Gathering, posted a series of teasers about what fans could expect to see from "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms," the upcoming expansion set in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Rosewater teased a number of new mechanics and abilities, along with appearances by several iconic D&D characters.

Rosewater noted that the upcoming set would contain "a legendary creature that makes a legendary Hamster creature token" which almost certainly means a Minsc card, as well as "a card that creates a legendary creature token named Vecna," which is likely means an appearance by one or more of Vecna's iconic artifacts.

Rosewater also teased several new types of creature cards, some of which almost certainly related to iconic D&D monsters. For instance, the "Creature - Bird Bear" card is almost certainly an owlbear, while the "Creature - Elf Spider" card is likely a drider. The "Legendary Creature - Devil God" is probably the iconic D&D villain Asmodeus, while the "Legendary Creature - Dragon Knight" could refer to Joe Manganiello's dragonborn paladin Arkhan the Cruel. It also appears that tieflings will be introduced as a new creature type, which could be interesting if they appeared in future sets. You can check out all of Rosewater's teases for the upcoming set here.

"Adventures in the Forgotten Realms" marks the first time that Magic: The Gathering has featured the worlds and characters of Dungeons & Dragons. The set will be heavily inspired by both the Forgotten Realms and the lore of Dungeons & Dragons and early previews for the set have found ways to remain faithful to the spirit of D&D while being a completely in tune with Magic: The Gathering rules. Wizards of the Coast has released several sourcebooks explaining how to translate various Magic: The Gathering worlds for use in D&D campaigns. The latest of these, Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos, is due to be released in November.

Expect to hear more about "Adventures of the Forgotten Realms" soon.