Magic: The Gathering Reveals First Look at Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Set

Magic: The Gathering's first foray into the Forgotten Realms begins this summer, and we have a first look at some of the cards and characters that will appear in this sure to popular set. Wizards of the Coast provided Magic: The Gathering fans with a first look at "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms," the upcoming expansion featuring the characters and experiences from Dungeons & Dragons' most well-known setting. The set will officially be released on MTG Arena and Magic Online on July 8th, with a full worldwide physical release coming on July 23rd.

The new set will feature cards based on iconic Dungeons & Dragons spells and characters, with plenty of popular monsters making an appearance as well. Magic: The Gathering released previews of cards based on the spells Portable Hole and Power Word Kill, along with multiple versions of a card featuring Tiamat, the god of chromatic dragons. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will also feature a new type of frame based on the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, called the "classic rulebook frame treatment." The first monster previewed with this style of frame was the Baleful Beholder card.

beholder card
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

The new set will also feature a unique twist on basic land cards. Each land card (each type of land has four variants) comes with an adventure prompt, providing players with a starting quest to flavor their decks.

lands cards
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will have the same standard product releases as other Magic: The Gathering expansions, with draft boosters, set boosters, collector boosters, and prerelease packs. Wizards of the Coast will also release a total of six styles of theme booster packs - one for each color and a mysterious sixth version that will be revealed later. Wizards of the Coast will also release four new Commander decks for the set. Additionally, the Buy-a-Box promotional card for Adventures of the Forgotten realms will be a Vorpal Sword, capable of decapitating an enemy with a single blow.

vorpal sword card
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Additional details about Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be revealed on June 29th when previews begin. Magic: The Gathering also revealed new details about their next sets Modern Horizons 2 and Historic Anthology V. You can read up on all the Magic: The Gathering announcements here.