Magic: The Gathering Shows Off Two New Dungeons & Dragons Cards

Two new Magic: The Gathering cards were revealed during a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. This week, [...]

Two new Magic: The Gathering cards were revealed during a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. This week, the long-running "Dragon Talk" Dungeons & Dragons podcast produced by Wizards of the Coast celebrated its 300th episode. As part of the festivities, hosts Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble had the opportunity to debut two Magic: The Gathering cards from the upcoming "Adventures of the Forgotten Realms" set, which uses D&D creatures and spells. The two cards include the lovable flumph and the "Tasha's hideous laughter" spell. You can check out screen captures of both cards below:

The Flumph card represents a rare way for a mono-White deck to draw cards, although a Flumph's opponent will also get to draw cards at the same time. The card also thematically fits with the flumph, a mostly harmless empathic D&D creature that feeds off of psionic energy. Tasha's Hideous Laughter is a much more effective card, a low cost card capable of milling through an opponent's deck at an alarming rate. Tasha's Hideous Laughter could be a very effective counter against some types of decks built on low cost mana cards. While Tasha's Hideous Laughter doesn't share much in common with the spell it takes its name from, its users could get a good laugh in when they burn through an opponent's deck in a couple of turns.

"Adventures in the Forgotten Realms" is the first time that Magic: The Gathering has used D&D characters and creatures in a set. In addition to featuring new artwork of countless iconic creatures, the new set also features a mysterious new "Dungeon" mechanic. Meanwhile, Dungeons & Dragons announced this week that it would be releasing an upcoming campaign setting book for the college of Strixhaven, which first appeared in a Magic: The Gathering set earlier this year. That book could feature several new subclasses that can be utilized by multiple classes, a first for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

"Adventures in the Forgotten Realms" will be released on July 23rd.